Tervis’ famous tumblers are ready for the future

North Venice company is building on a reputation for quality and innovation

Looking at the 1950s Tervis tumbler that Rogan Donelly’s keeps in his office, it doesn’t seem like the company has changed much.

That cup has two layers of plastic with a single felt emblem of a skier in between.

It’s an earlier and notably worn model compared to the thousands of tumblers that come out of the factory in North Venice each day now, but the principles behind it are the same, said Donelly, the president of the company and grandson of the man who brought it to Sarasota County in the 1960s.

The products travel through at least five sets of hands on the production line before they’re shipped to consumers. Quality, a lifetime guarantee and an opportunity for seemingly endless customization come with each tumbler.

The factory that put together that felt skier nearly seven decades ago doesn’t look anything like the Tervis headquarters today.

Quite a lot has changed at Tervis as the company has passed from one generation to another, even if the legacy insulation method really hasn’t.

“For 71 years the technology hasn’t changed drastically, even if the way that we decorate it and the way we think about it has,” Donelly said.

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