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Bradenton Area Businesses Save with Favorable Tax Climate

Start with Florida’s highly favorable tax climate for business, and then consider that the Bradenton Area’s county, Manatee, has one of the lowest total millage rates of the state’s 67 counties. Consider what your business could save in taxes with a Bradenton Area address!

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Bradenton Area Tax Rates 

How Florida Ranks

Florida’s Tax Burden Ranks 6th Lowest for Residents in U.S.

Florida residents have the sixth lowest state tax burden in the U.S., and the third lowest total taxes at $2.385 per capital.

Florida Eliminates Sales Tax on Manufacturing Equipment

Beginning in May 2014, manufacturers will no longer pay Florida state sales tax on qualified equipment purchases.

Florida’s Tax Climate Ranks No. 4 for Business in U.S.

Florida’s tax climate is the fourth most favorable to business of any U.S. state, according to the Tax Foundation (2018).
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