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Life Sciences in the Bradenton Area

From medical equipment manufacturing to pharmaceutical research, health care innovations to nutraceutical breakthroughs, businesses related to life sciences are finding a home in the Bradenton Area of Florida’s West Coast. A climate and lifestyle that attracts top talent, and a lower cost of doing business compared to traditional life sciences hubs in the United States, creates an attractive combination for enterprises focused on leading-edge life sciences research, technologies and product development. The Bradenton Area in Manatee County includes nine distinct communities working together to attract and retain businesses in the life sciences sector.

Roskamp Institute:
Nucleus for a Growing Biotech Sector

Founded in the Bradenton Area, the Roskamp Institute biotech laboratory is a leader in the global effort to better understand and ultimately cure debilitating diseases of the mind. In addition to cutting-edge research on pharmaceutical and nutraceutical treatments, Roskamp is spinning off for-profit entities to bring products to market for the world’s aging population and for those suffering from neurological and neuropsychiatric conditions. Roskamp and others in the Bradenton area provide FDA-approved laboratory and product development services and facilities, in addition to the ability to conduct clinical trials.

CORE at Lakewood Ranch:
An Urban Campus for Life

A 300-acre life sciences research and development campus is in the making in the Bradenton in the Bradenton Area’s Lakewood Ranch community. Conveniently situated near Interstate-75, CORE (Collaboration Opportunities for Research and Exploration) will provide a centralized home for businesses and institutions related to life sciences.

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