Lance Jones

Lance Jones, co-founder of GO PUCK, is using his experience in corporate America to introduce his own venture in his old stomping grounds.

“We were chosen by Universal Studios Islands of Adventure and Busch Gardens as their wearable power provider,” he said. “We are pioneering renting power in those parks. They rent and sell GO PUCKS in their retail stores. They could have chosen Samsung or Monster or any of the other big guys. We were also chosen by the Sarasota Police and Sarasota Memorial Hospital as their wearable power solutions.”

GO PUCK is a powerful, efficient, intelligent, wearable power device and is currently utilized by the U.S. Secret Service and Homeland Security among others law enforcement agencies. GO PUCK is a mountable, wearable, hands-free power supply for any USB powered device from smartphones to tablets and any action camera, Garmin or Go Pro.

“This is the second company birthed out of this technology out of Manatee County,” Jones explained. “My co-founder created the world’s first lithium automotive starting battery that ended up as the spec battery in every Indy car, and it’s also used in many NASCAR and World Champ Le Mans cars. GO PUCK was birthed from that. It’s not a toy. It’s not a promotional lipstick battery. We took the battery that powers the world’s most powerful race cars and created the world’s first wearable power device.”

Jones’ advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is persistence, heart and vision. “Never give up,” he said. “My favorite quote is a Disney quote ‘It takes people to make dreams become a reality.’ Make sure you share your vision and passion and look for like-minded people who believe in your vision. Utilize relationships to grow your opportunity.”

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