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Aviation, Aerospace & Defense

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A irplanes are flying, soldiers are being protected and firefighters are getting to the scene because of people working in the Bradenton Area. The aviation/aerospace/defense industry is composed of many sectors that create and support private and governmental entities. The capabilities of skilled workers in this industry vary from identifying emerging technologies, developing and assembling parts, intelligence and surveillance.  Notably, the growth of the Bradenton Area’s critical aerospace and defense businesses has attracted more skilled professionals to the region to support the emerging technologies represented in the industry.

Homeland security and defense businesses already have a footprint in Manatee County. While avionics – electronics for aircraft – have been an expanding niche in the region, many diverse ventures and products are represented, as well. A few examples include fire truck manufacturing for both municipal and defense customers; power supplies and lighting controls for aviation applications; and design engineering and product development for government, military and commercial markets.

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3 international airports within an hours drive Sarasota Bradenton International Airport, Tampa International, St. Petersburgh-Clearwater International Airport
More than 3,400 workers in the Bradenton Area are employed in the aviation/aerospace/defense sector
6% projected growth in this sector in the next 5 years
2.6 Million People within a 60 minute drive time to the Bradenton Area stat
More than 300 aviation/aerospace/defense related businesses located in the Bradenton Area
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