Keith Pandeloglou

Keith Pandeloglou is helping to build an entrepreneur community by providing local entrepreneurs with coworking, consulting and investment resources under one roof. Pandelogolou launched UTC Venture Group in January 2015. In the two years since launching, UTC Venture Group has grown into a larger physical space and invested in two coworking ventures.

“We believe that by building a community around what we are trying to do, then more community members will engage with us,” he said. “If someone is starting a business, there’s nothing they would need that we don’t have here. There’s nothing offering our broad mixture of resources in this area.”

Pandeloglou was inspired to empower entrepreneurs in part by the future he sees for the work environment. “We’re moving to a 1099 world where independent contractors will be much more prevalent. The question then will become: what value do you provide as an individual? I wanted to show people that where ever they feel they want to go, I can help them get there.”


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