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The Bradenton Area provides an unparalleled, competitive business climate for companies looking to locate or startup, but we’ve also got the Facts and Stats to prove it. One of the free tools available to you as you explore the Bradenton Area is our online demographic database . Below is a snapshot of the information and reports available in this real-time, powerful tool.

Last updated April 2020

Projected Population Growth

Population by Age

Projected Annual Growth Rate

Income Stats

Educational Attainment

Employed Population 16+ by Industry

Employed Population 16+ by Occupation

Other Demographic and Market Reports Available

  • American Community Survey (ACS) Population Summary
  • Business Summary
  • Community Profile
  • Demographic and Income Profile
  • Finances Market Potential Report
  • Housing Profile and Other Household Information
  • Retail Goods and Services Expenditures
  • Retail Market Potential Report and Other Specific Sector Market Potential Reports
  • Retail MarketPlace Profile
  • Tapestry Segmentation Area Profile and Dominate Tapestry Map
  • Various Maps including Custom Maps, Major Shopping Center Map, Site Maps and Traffic Count Maps

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