Joy Randels

Joy Randels, co-founder of Citizinvestor, is a prolific serial entrepreneur, with key roles in launching more than 89 companies, raising more than $375 million in venture capital, leading 17 acquisitions and two successful IPOs. "I started selling as a 9-year-old and started my first real business at 18," she said. "I have launched businesses outside [...]

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Anju & Andrew Lynn

Anju and Andrew Lynn, husband-wife co-founders of Xplor, Inc., have combined their professional skillsets to create a company that occupies an interesting niche in the world of marketing. Xplor is a marketing agency specializing in promotions, incentives, travel and meeting planning that was recognized as the 2014 Small Business of the Year by the Florida [...]

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Ashley McCollum

Ashley McCollum, founder of Rediscovered Moments Concierge, is a university professor and administrator turned entrepreneur. "I got into entrepreneurship completely by accident," she said. "My 20 year plan was to stay in education. As I moved higher in the university administration, I saw some of the politics I was a little naive to when I [...]

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Matthew J. Peters

Matthew J. Peters, founder of Brilliant Futures Institute, has been an entrepreneur since he sold corn from the family farm on the side of the road. Today, he teaches the many lessons he learned along the way and helps his clients become intentional about creating the future they desire. "Brilliant Futures Institute educates, equips and [...]

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Bruce Kamm

Bruce Kamm, founder of VirtualBarter, built his technology company based on what he learned in the jewelry business. "I joined my father's jewelry business and grew it to multiple locations, manufacturing, and selling to jewelry stores around the country," he said. "In the jewelry business, I learned about bartering because we would trade jewelry for [...]

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