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Aviation, Aerospace and Defense Businesses Fly High in Bradenton Area

Airplanes are flying, soldiers are being protected and firefighters are getting to the scene because of people working in the Bradenton Area. Homeland security and defense businesses are clustered in the region.

Homeland security and defense businesses already have a footprint in Manatee County. While avionics – electronics for aircraft – have been an expanding niche in the region, many diverse ventures and products are represented, as well.

A few examples include fire truck manufacturing for both municipal and defense customers; power supplies and lighting controls for aviation applications; and design engineering and product development for government, military and commercial markets.

The growth of the area’s critical aerospace and defense businesses has attracted more skilled professionals to the region to support the emerging technologies represented in the industry.

Businesses seeking to outsource high-skills sub-specialties such as precision machining, engineering design or rapid prototyping find that those partnerships also are readily available in the local area.

Aviation, aerospace and defense have been identified by the Bradenton Area EDC, Manatee County Government and the State of Florida as targeted business sectors qualifying for performance-based incentives, rapid response permitting and workforce training grants.

The EDC’s collaborative partnerships provide customized and flexible training programs and access to funding sources for employee skills upgrades. A highly responsive workforce development ecosystem adapts to employers’ needs as evolving technologies place new demands on training your manufacturing workforce.

We invite you to contact the EDC for a confidential conversation about your plans for locating or expanding your business in the Bradenton Area.

 What Aviation, Aerospace and Defense Companies Say About the Bradenton Area

“The EDC connected us to Sarasota Bradenton International Airport as a test site for our new aviation air conditioning systems. This relationship helped launch our startup company. Today, we have $2.8 million in new contracts and expect to triple our sales in 2016. I thank the EDC for continuing to help our company.”

Rick Hansen, President
Verde GSE

With assistance from the Bradenton Area EDC and Manatee County Government, we were able to accelerate our expansion and hiring, which enabled us to meet growing demand as the aviation sector continues to recover from the recession.”

Anish Patel, President
Radiant Power Corp.

Max Stewart
Max StewartDirector of Global Business Development
(941) 803-9038