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Bradenton Area Caters to Advanced Manufacturing

With hundreds of manufacturers located in the Bradenton Area, it’s clear that the world’s advanced manufacturers have found a home here.

From industrial-grade infrared windows to the latest in packaging equipment, from super-fast boat hulls to machines that process liquid natural gas, the world’s advanced manufacturers have found a home in the Bradenton Area.

Hundreds of manufacturers are located in the Bradenton Area, attracted by a skilled, regional workforce, excellent transportation infrastructure, and a climate and lifestyle that places Florida’s west coast on the location short list for many growing businesses.

In addition to production, advanced manufacturing companies in the region are involved in designing and prototyping complex products. Businesses seeking to outsource high-skills sub-specialties such as precision machining, engineering design or rapid prototyping find that those partnerships are readily available in the local area.

Advanced manufacturing is an industry identified by the Bradenton Area EDC, Manatee County Government and the State of Florida to receive special preference in qualifying for performance-based incentives, rapid response permitting and workforce training grants.

The EDC’s collaborative partnerships provide customized and flexible training programs and access to funding sources for employee skills upgrades. A highly responsive workforce development ecosystem adapts to employers’ needs as evolving technologies place new demands on training your manufacturing workforce.

Find out how the Bradenton Area pulls out all the stops to make advanced manufacturers feel at home by viewing the success stories or contact the EDC for a confidential conversation.

Bradenton Area Advanced Manufacturers Tell Their Success Stories

Air Products

Mustang Vacuum Systems

What Advanced Manufacturers Say About the Bradenton Area

Our global market share is growing, and the Bradenton Area EDC has helped us accelerate that growth.

Richard Greenwell, Mustang Vacuum Systems

The EDC, county and state officials offered a number of programs to assist Air Products in site selection and supporting a tight schedule for construction.

Sandy McLauchlin, Air Products & Chemicals
Max Stewart
Max StewartDirector of Global Business Development
(941) 803-9038