Who We Are & What We Do

The Bradenton Area Economic Development Corporation is:

The lead economic development organization for the Bradenton Area’s nine communities, and a private corporation that engages in collaborative, public-private partnerships.

We work to diversify the local economy by:

  • Attracting and retaining high-wage jobs for area residents
  • Connecting established businesses to the resources they need to succeed

Why join us? We get results.

Why Join Us?

How your investment allows the EDC grow the value of your business

A Bigger Piece of a Bigger Pie

Learn more by requesting your invitation to an EDC Executive Briefing.

During this informal, small group conversation, we share insights into work led by the Bradenton Area Economic Development Corporation to grow our local economy and enhance the quality of life for all who reside and visit here.

You’ll learn how a network of partners building on community assets is spurring economic vitality in the Bradenton Area by implementing the EDC’s multi-year strategic plan to stimulate jobs for area residents and expand opportunities for local businesses.

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